An analysis of the indian film industry

The country is home of the one of the most important cities in the global film industry, Mumbai. Previously called Bombay — name which gave origin to the term Bollywood — Mumbai is the center and birthplace of multi-million dollar Indian film industry.

An analysis of the indian film industry

The box-office successes were represented by a wide diversity of genres and regional languages, created at varying budgets. This brought back audiences in large numbers to the multiplexes and theatres resulting in higher theatrical revenues.

A larger variety of films saw success and popularity at the box office, ranging from the usual Bollywood hits to regional movies and non-mainstream films. Bollywood saw huge success as 9 films struck the Rs. This was a marked improvement, as only 5 films managed to do so in ii.

Indian Cinema has completed glorious years of entertaining audiences in India and Overseas. India is the world's largest producer of films more than a year iii and has potential to be one of the world's leading markets. With the passage of time there has been a continuous technological advancement in Indian cinema.

A surge of subscription services, online download stores and streaming websites are entering the market, offering consumers alternative ways for consuming their entertainment content.

The abundance of options allows content providers to reach out to larger audiences, both domestic and international.

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With increased interest from non-Indian audiences and in the smaller regional film industries, the Indian film industry is expected to continue growing with the average Indian visiting the cinemas more often than the current average of 1.

With a notable quantum of high profile movies scheduled to be released in next couple of years, the sector is likely to report healthy performance. With cinema exhibitors rushing to set up multiplexes in Tier II and III cities, producers and studios similarly are exploring opportunities in this region as the market potential is huge.

The industry is primarily divided in 2 categories, i. A key point to be noted is that the number of screens had reduced from toled by the closure of a number of single screen exhibitors over the period.

The industry trend shows that a major proportion of addition in screens was done by multiplexes in Exhibit 4. This is because the seats per screen in multiplexes is relatively lower. In terms of footfall, it is correlated to the number of screens.

Projections regarding it suggest that it will increase from 3. However, in absolute terms it is still a low level. This is especially good for the cinema exhibition industry compared to its substitutes Exhibit 8.

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A brief synopsis of the key players in the multiplex segment highlights that PVR including Cinemax is the largest exhibitor in the country. Other players in the segment are strong regional and upcoming national players: This is because the DTH channels will telecast the movies within short span of time.

The growing market penetration of television and DTH v services is a threat to cinema exhibition industry. Also the film industry is losing approximately Rs.

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The modern film industry, a business of nearly 10 billion dollars per year, is a cutthroat business (Box Office Mojo). According to While the analysis by Collins eventually led the team to abandon OLS, findings still promoted the inclusion of a variable based on critic reviews (, ).

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An analysis of the indian film industry

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