Autobiography of lotus flowers

Specific designs including the Lotus Flower rising itself in virtue above the murky pond, provide a sense of cosmic connection and energy within the oneness of all being.

Autobiography of lotus flowers

An Idiot’s Autobiography

His family was noted for its erudition for generations, and Xuanzang was the youngest of four children. Along with his brothers and sister, he received an early education from his father, who instructed him in classical works on filial piety and several other canonical treatises of orthodox Confucianism.

Inthe Sui Dynasty collapsed and Xuanzang and his brother fled to Chang'anwhich had been proclaimed as the capital of the Tang dynastyand thence southward to ChengduSichuan. When Xuanzang requested to take Buddhist orders at the age of thirteen, the abbot Zheng Shanguo made an exception in his case because of his precocious knowledge.

He subsequently left his brother and returned to Chang'an to study foreign languages and to continue his study of Buddhism. He began his mastery of Sanskrit in ,[ citation needed ] and probably also studied Tocharian.

Autobiography of lotus flowers

InXuanzang reportedly had a dream that convinced him to journey to India. Xuanzang persuaded some Buddhist guards at Yumen Pass and slipped out of the empire through Liangzhou Gansu and Qinghai in He arrived in Turpan in Here he met the king of Turpan, a Buddhist who equipped him further for his travels with letters of introduction and valuables to serve as funds.

The hottest mountain in China, the Flaming Mountainsis located in Turpan and was depicted in the Journey to the West. Moving further westward, Xuanzang escaped robbers to reach Karasahrthen toured the non-Mahayana monasteries of Kucha. After a feast, Xuanzang continued west then southwest to Tashkentcapital of modern Uzbekistan.

From here, he crossed the desert further west to Samarkand. In Samarkand, which was under Persian influence, the party came across some abandoned Buddhist temples and Xuanzang impressed the local king with his preaching.

Setting out again to the south, Xuanzang crossed a spur of the Pamirs and passed through the famous Iron Gates.

Autobiography of lotus flowers

Continuing southward, he reached the Amu Darya and Termezwhere he encountered a community of more than a thousand Buddhist monks. Further east he passed through Kunduzwhere he stayed for some time to witness the funeral rites of Prince Tardu, [11] who had been poisoned. Here he met the monk Dharmasimhaand on the advice of the late Tardu made the trip westward to Balkh modern Afghanistanto see the Buddhist sites and relics, especially the Nava Viharawhich he described as the westernmost vihara in the world.

This was part of the fabled old land of Gandhara.


Xuanzang took part in a religious debate here, and demonstrated his knowledge of many Buddhist schools. Here he also met the first Jains and Hindu of his journey.

Well here it goes I am actually writing a Dear John letter: And by the way I really do not believe that you are, or have an idiot’s autobiography. Latest Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba news and photos, Sai Baba Darshans, Rare Photos, wallpapers, sai baba audio and videos,Offer online Aarti & pooja to sathya sai baba. Contextual translation of "autobiography on lotus flower" into Hindi. Human translations with examples: marathi, kamal ka phool, कार पर आत्मकथा, कमल के फूल विवरण.

He pushed on to Adinapur [13] later named Jalalabad and Laghmanwhere he considered himself to have reached India. The year was This section needs additional citations for verification.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. August Learn how and when to remove this template message Xuanzang left Adinapur, which had few Buddhist monks, but many stupas and monasteries.

His travels included, passing through Hunza and the Khyber Pass to the east, reaching the former capital of GandharaPurushapura Peshawaron the other side. Peshawar was nothing compared to its former glory, and Buddhism was declining in the region.

Xuanzang visited a number of stupas around Peshawar, notably the Kanishka Stupa. This stupa was built just southeast of Peshawar, by a former king of the city. Init was rediscovered by D.

Spooner with the help of Xuanzang's account. Xuanzang left Peshawar and travelled northeast to the Swat Valley.Latest Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba news and photos, Sai Baba Darshans, Rare Photos, wallpapers, sai baba audio and videos,Offer online Aarti & pooja to sathya sai baba.

Although aquitted in of the murder and torture of two men and two women, remained in jail on burglary and contempt of court for several more months. Lotus (plant), various botanical taxa commonly known as lotus Lotus (genus), a genus of terrestrial plants in the family Fabaceae Lotus flower, a symbolically important aquatic Asian plant also known as Indian or sacred lotus.

The Alchemy of Transformation: How to make a bodhisattva [2] Zen training is a matter of transformation of spirit or heart-energy. In this case from the powers that secure the false view of self to the warmth and power of the bodhisattva.

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