Business plan for staff augmentation proposal

View Larger Image Modern Management and Staff Augmentation as a Means to Mitigate Costs Management is the artistry of accomplishing targeted goals by implementing special techniques and coordinating a team of experts. All the available resources are integrated continually to plan, organize, lead and control projects, financial and data resources. Management has a very broad scope. However, like everything else, the management is evolving at a very fast pace.

Business plan for staff augmentation proposal

This section generally details the following items: If your proposed business requires the hiring of highly specialized individuals, you may decide to add a brief statement about how you plan to recruit, select and hire employees. If training of employees is of prime importance to your business, be sure to discuss who and how they will to be trained.

Also, many business plan writers provide a brief statement outlining corporate policies regarding employee motivation, incentives and benefits.

business plan for staff augmentation proposal

New Product Development Department: As mentioned above this department will consist of two positions - Product Development Manager and Information Technologist.

Below separately explains the roles and responsibilities for each position. This involves writing, editing and formatting selected business training topics. This individual must illustrate superior writing skills, business acumen, computer knowledge and organizational skills.

In addition, the successful candidate must be able to work well independently and in a team-based environment. In January Y, an additional Information Technologist will be hired. These individuals must have exceptional oral and written skills, business knowledge, organizational skills, superior computer skills, and software development experience.

In addition, the successful candidates must be able to work well independently as well as in a team-based environment. They must be highly motivated, able to endure long working hours, and possess leadership skills.

Also, the candidates must have experience in web page design and a complete working knowledge of the Internet. These individuals will be responsible for designing and maintaining our corporate website, and promoting it to the Internet environment.

In addition, the Information Technologists will work closely with Management, the Product Development Manager and outside entities to develop and implement future technology products and initiatives.

Staff Augmentation Consulting Agreement

Specifically, this department will hire one 1 Sales Manager and two 2 Telephone Operators. The duties, responsibilities and qualifications of these positions are presented below.

A Sales Manager will be hired to supervise the Sales Department. This individual must have superior oral and written skills, computer knowledge, organizational skills and have prior office experience.

In addition, the successful candidate must be able to work well independently as well as in a team-based environment.

Also, the Sales Manager will receive a one dollar commission on each product he or she sells. This commission strategy will act as a motivating factor that ultimately increases corporate sales. Two months have been set aside for the testing phase so that the Company can evaluate and monitor customer responses and concerns.

This will allow us to fully design a powerful and successful sales strategy which will be used after the testing phase. This testing process will provide the Sales Manager with hands on experience in communicating with customers, selling techniques and strategies, the ordering process, order fulfillment, internal communications and customer service.

The Sales Manager will take an active role in the selling function - making sales vis-a-vis the telephone. The successful applicants must possess exceptional communication skills, computer skills, organizational skills and prior office experience.

They are required to have received training in some form of telephone solicitation; preferably telephone selling.

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In addition, these individuals must be able to work well independently as well as in a team-based environment. They must be highly motivated, able to work flexible hours and possess superior intersonal skills.

In addition to their salaries, each Telephone Operator will receive a one dollar commission on each product he or she sells.Staff Augmentation: The staffing services industry is close to a $14 billionindustry.

The outlook is positive due tothe recovering economy. An staffing or employmentagency is an organization which matches employers to employees. Cresta Testing software testing business plan strategy and implementation summary. Cresta is a global IT services organization specialized in the construction and execution of leading QA and testing methodologies and infrastructures.

adequate staffing levels to perform any of the above-referenced staff augmentation services upon request by the University, to be able to increase or decrease the number of personnel supporting the University staff to address the needs of the projects.

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3. Staff Augmentation: Example 2 - Staff Backup Plan. Temporary Workers organization in this example needs to expand the list of vendors used so that varying options exist for staffing the business unit projects.

Staff . The AOC seeks to identify and retain qualified technical staff augmentation staffing agencies under an undetermined number of master agreements to supply the AOC with high-quality, cost-effective, professional technical staff.

The master agreement holders will serve as the qualified bid list for AOC. Staff Augmentation ICS can supply your organization with the flexibility and expertise necessary to meet even the most complex project and business goals. Our information technology and security consultants offer practical and affordable staff augmentation for both long and short term assignments.

Master Agreements for Technical Staff Augmentation Services