Butterfly writing paper

I asked for opinions when will I learn!?! They DO want to sew their own step each month, and they DO want to be able to color plan the quilt in advance, and they DO want to use fabric in their stash. And they DO want to get to decide how large the quilt is.

Butterfly writing paper

So with every inchie project I start off by determining what size of squares I need. The ones pictured here are 2"x2". For this project I'm working with Grade 1 and 2 so I know I have to go larger and because I'm only doing 4 squares I want them to fit nicely on the background.

I decided to use 4. We start with painting the backgrounds. We also painted our hardboards. I gave them a choice of red, purple or black. Set aside to dry. Take your 3"x3" square of card stock. Each student just needs a piece around this size. Spread some glue on the square. Lay your tissue paper on top and scrunch in some wrinkles.

After doing this a few times with kids I find it's better to have them scrunch the tissue first and then lay it onto the glue.

I know the photo does not reflect this and I'll try to update it in the future. Take some regular white paper. Paint in a light green. Take a small scrap of corrugated cardboard, dip into a darker green and print marks on top of the light green background.

To make the chrysalis take a piece of thin cardboard and cut into a teardrop shape. When I do a residency I try to expose the kids to multiple mediums.

We used plaster strips to cover our cardboard but you could also do this in papier mache. Cover the teardrop shape. Bunch up some strips to form the caterpillar inside and place onto the teardrop shape.

Now I had a whole bunch of wooden butterfly shapes I had bought at the Dollar store last year so we used those and covered them with plaster strips.

Butterfly Writing Paper

You could cut out butterfly shapes from cardboard and do the same thing. Again you could cover this with papier mache. Take a piece of brown kraft paper, mine is about 4" by 10".

Twist into a stick. Dry brush on some brown paint to make it look more branch like.

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Butterfly writing paper

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