Caffeine and its effects human body

Science Caffeine Metabolism Have you ever thought about what is actually going on in your body when you throw back that energy drink or sip that coffee? How is caffeine broken down and how does it affect your metabolism? How long does caffeine stay active in your system and why do people crave the stuff? Caffeine From the First Sip Caffeine easily passes through body membranes so from the first sip the caffeine is entering your bloodstream through the lining of your mouth, throat, and stomach.

Caffeine and its effects human body

October 1, at 1: But an enteric coated caffeine would be best for me if I could find one, ideally an otc enteric coated softgel. I not only have long-term acid reflux but, as of 15 years or so ago, I also have had a hiatal hernia.

Caffeine and its effects human body

A hiatal hernia makes acid reflux far worse by directly allowing the acid to go up the esophagus. I am a longhaul otr truckdriver, so unfortunately, caffeine is a necessary part of my life, despite my acid reflux. I actually GAVE them the idea for that product one afternoon.

I figured such a product would be far easier on my GERD than a hard tablet caffeine. They eventually did make a softgel version, but I am still needing the final piece, the enteric coating.

Does Caffeine Really Dehydrate You?

I have actually considered seeing how expensive it would be to have a compounding pharmacy put an enteric coating on the Jet Alert softgel.

If anyone here has any thoughts on an enteric coated softgel caffeine pill, where it might be available, or where to get it done economically, please advise me. It is interesting that this is the exact opposite of what many doctors think, including the gastroenterologist I was seeing back then.

My gastroenterologist advised me about 15 years ago incorrectly that an enteric coating on a caffeine pill to keep it from dissolving in the stomach, would have no effect on acid production, since he believed-incorrectly that the caffeine was primarily stimulating the acid from the bloodstream side.

This made no sense to me at the time due to the sheer speed of the onset of acid reflux following taking a caffeine pill a minute or two.

Caffeine in Nature: Animals Harmed

However, in the past few years, since Bell Pharmaceuticals came out with a softgel caffeine, I have found that my original supposition was correct, and the gastroenterologist was wrong. A softgel caffeine releases all at once in the stomach, and is consequently rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream.

Once in the bloodstream, the caffeine is spread out from head to toe and is not any more or less a stimulator of stomach acid than it is of any other body part. The primary acid stimulation occurs during the window of time while it is still in the stomach.

Incidentally, I would bet no one has ever actually formally studied this to compare the two stimulating effects, which could be done using an IV source of caffeine to establish a baseline for how much stomach acid is produced with a given amount of caffeine administered completely from the bloodstream side versus a standard non-enteric hard tablet versus an enteric softgel this is a hint for grad students looking 4 a thesis idea!

A softgel accomplishes this absorption very quickly.

Caffeine -- History, Chemical and Physical Properties and Effects

However, as I have stated, even better than that would be an enteric coating on the softgel, which would put the caffeine beyond the stomach entirely, but still have a fairly quick effect.

The problem with an enteric coating is it slows down the alertness effect, especially on a full stomach, since the pill would not dissolve until it got beyond the stomach. However a softgel design would partially counter that delay by speeding the absorption back up a bit once it did get in the intestine.

An enteric coated softgel would release and be absorbed by the intestine a bit faster than an enteric coated powder capsule, and a lot faster than an enteric coated hard tablet. One could also put additional caffeine in some sort of time delayed, dissolving microbeads that would be timed to dissolve even later in the intestine in order to counter the half-life of caffeine.

Perhaps, mg released over 10 hours or so. This would be a great idea for a deluxe caffeine product. One additional point is that Rhodiola Rosea extract will magnify the effectiveness of caffeine. In time, I would expect to see this herbal ingredient added to some caffeine products.

I imagine Rhodiola could also be used in a deluxe caffeine pill, in order to reduce the amount of caffeine while retaining the effectiveness of a higher amount, for the use of people who were sensitive to higher amounts of caffeine.

Or to increase the alertness effect for others without increasing the caffeine amount. If anyone has any input on how or where to get buy an enteric coated softgel caffeine pill, or an economical service to do so, I would be keen to get your advice.Caffeine affects everyone differently.

The Army wants Since at least WWII, US military scientists have been tinkering with the human brain to keep pilots, soldiers and staff alert.

What is caffeine? Caffeine is a bitter substance that occurs naturally in more than 60 plants including. Coffee beans; Tea leaves; Kola nuts, which are used to flavor soft drink colas. The Physiological Effects of Stress Supporting a stress free work environment. Stress can have a wide range of effects on the human body as well as a person's behaviour.

Stress can affect anyone and it is found in all aspects of life.

Food Sources

Caffeine provides no nutritional value on its own. It’s tasteless, so you won’t necessarily know if it’s in your food either. Even some medications may contain caffeine . Caffeine has particularly negative effects when it comes to getting high-quality of us have heard that it’s not good to drink caffeine in the afternoon, because doing so may negatively.

Caffeine — found in coffee, tea, soda and even chocolate — is the most widely consumed psychoactive substance on the planet. Used predominantly as a means to perk people up, the stimulant is.

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