Characteristics of computer network media essay

Data is a raw material of information. Proper collection of the data is called information. In general, no human being can compete to solving the complex computation, faster than computer.

Characteristics of computer network media essay

Share on Facebook There are three general classes of media types: Coaxial cable had suffered waning popularity, but is making a bit of a comeback with cable modem solutions. There are two types of fiber-optic cable: Twisted pair is the most common type of computer network cabling.

Twisted pair can be classified according to the value of the intrinsic impedance of the wire, and whether it is shielded or unshielded. Unshielded twisted pair, with an intrinsic impedance of ohms, is the most common type of computer network cabling used today. Coaxial Cable A coaxial cable has a central conductor.

Coaxial cable uses a single conductor in the middle of a cable. The central conductor is surrounded by an insulator called the dielectric. A conductive shield is put around the dielectric. This shield acts as the second conductor for the circuit as well serves to protect the inner conductor from interference.

Coaxial cable for local area network LAN connections is obsolete. Coaxial cable is being used in some cases for delivering the last mile of service.

Unshielded twisted pair cabling, or UTP cabling, is the most common type of network cabling.


It consists of four twisted pairs of wire, each with a different number of twists per foot, all encased on one sheath. UTP cabling is graded according to category. Category 3 and 4 were replaced by Category 5 cabling by the year Category 5 is recommended for running Ethernet at speeds of Mbps.

Category 5e, was introduced to run gigabit Ethernet or BaseT networks. Category 6 and Category 6a have since been introduced to give better performance at higher speeds. UTP cabling has an intrinsic impedance of ohms. There are two types of shielded twisted pair wiring.

In the s and s shielded twisted pair was promoted as the best wire type for Token Ring networks. This had an intrinsic impedance of ohms. A new wiring trend is to use ohm shielded twisted pair. The shielding reduces noise and increases the performance of the cable.

These are sometimes called foiled twisted pair, or FTP not to be confused with file transfer protocol or sometimes called screened twisted pair, or ScTP.

These types of cables are compatible with normal UTP. Multi Mode Fiber Optic Cable Fiber optic cable is sometimes called wave guide or light guide because it guides the light waves along the length of the cable.

Multi mode fiber is used for short cable runs, usually 1. Single mode fiber optic cable can operate over much longer distances. Because the fiber only allows one mode of light to propagate, light pulses put on the fiber keep their shape much longer.

This allows the light pulses to travel much further without interfering with other pulses. Single mode fibre is recommended for cable runs in excess of 1.In this final evaluative essay, Social Media Musicals are all about informing and educating the population in respect to mass communication which enforces storytelling and strategy with a certain purpose.

the U.S Department of Defense was concerned about the vulnerability of its computer network to nuclear attack. with the network analysis and study the distributions of followers and followings, the relation between followers and tweets, reci- procity, degrees of separation, and homophily.

This report will discuss some of the characteristics that are used to classify the network, such as the connection method of the computer network, types of networks as determined by their size, scope, and purpose, as well as some of the basic hardware that is used to create a computer network.

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Characteristics of computer network media essay

INTRODUCTION Computer networking is the engineering discipline concerned with the communication between computer systems or devices. A computer network is any set of computers or devices connected to each other with the ability to exchange data. Characteristics of Computer Network Media With the emergence of the Ethernet LAN (Local Area Network) introduced in the early s by Xerox, the telecommunications world has welcomed this newfound gift with open arms.

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