Harsh reality of war

Fear Is Not The Answer.

Harsh reality of war

Fleeing war-torn homes for crippling rents—California housing costs creating harsh reality for refugees July 20, By Stephen Frank 1 Comment Refugees are finding out what we all know—California is for the rich and well placed. Poor and middle class, you will barely survive. To flourish you need to go to a Free State.

Waves of Vietnamese, Iranian, Central American and other immigrants have resettled here over the past few decades, escaping persecution and turmoil in their home countries. That history is partly why so many Californians pride themselves on their welcoming attitude toward newcomers displaced from their native countries.

Brown wanted to stop refuges from Viet Nam coming into California. In he wants all of Mexico and Latin America to live here—in poverty.

Shame on him and shame on the Democrats that created the policies that keep legitimate refugees in poverty. While Jan gets ready for work—driving an Uber in San Francisco for the next 12 hours — his 4-year-old daughter Shukula barricades the front door of their two-bedroom apartment in Antioch, a far-flung Bay Area suburb east of Oakland.

His wife speaks very little English, and even after working as an interpreter with U. But he never dreamed California was going to be this expensive. The cost of living has increased so much in recent years that refugee resettlement agencies working Harsh reality of war California are rethinking their strategies for relocating clients—and whether the state is a good fit for some refugees in the first place.

Jan got the tattoo while partying with American soldiers in Afghanistan. But a warm welcome only goes so far.

Harsh reality of war

In San Diego, long a leading destination for refugeesone resettlement agency was accused of placing families in apartments that did not have enough sleeping space and advising refugees to lie to landlords about the number of people in their family.

Rose says his agency is moving more and more of those clients inland, away from pricier coastal cities. That may mean cheaper rents, but it also means refugees may be farther from communities that share their language and culture. His brother lives close by, and there are other Afghani families in his apartment complex.

He has a polo shirt with a small American flag embroidered on the chest. It has a bald eagle decal on the top of the windshield.

Another decal with the motto of one of the military units Jan worked with in Afghanistan is tacked on the back. Beneath his car seat is a large plastic bottle.

So Jan will often pee in the bottle, typically in the backseat of his car, which has tinted windows. It is frequently not safe for natives who worked with American forces to remain in their home country. So an Afghani family resettling in California gets the same amount per person as another family that relocates in Idaho or Texas, which have significantly cheaper costs of living.

That cash assistance is supposed to pay for a security deposit and three months of rent. Refugees are also eligible for safety net programs like food stamps, welfare and free health insurance for the poor. Nonprofit resettlement agencies provide important support in the way of English classes, locating refugee-friendly landlords and helping navigate school and government bureaucracies.

But the package contained no help for housing. It was never safe for him and his family. But after working with American troops for five years, he landed a pretty good job with a private security company in his homeland, where he could work from home a good amount.

He had a large house, much larger than the two-bedroom, one-bathroom place in Antioch. But then he thinks about the real reason he says he decided to leave Afghanistan — what happened to his newborn daughter. Jan soon became convinced his daughter was receiving poor treatment because the hospital staff knew he had worked with American forces.

Harsh reality of war

Shukula, Sameera and Mirwais Jan left to right in the bedroom they share. After 20 days in the hospital, he got a call from his wife. His daughter had passed away.

In English, they answer questions about how cheap the cost of living is in San Antonio. Later that weekend, he decides not to take another day off the rest of the month.Mar 22,  · The Harsh Reality of Bomber Life in WWII Thread in 'General Discussion' started by CQB27, Mar 22, Page 1 of 4 1 2 3 They were all taken prisoner of war.

The aircraft crashed near Dunavecse, Hungary The Grim and Absurd Reality of the First Gulf War. CQB27, Mar 11, , in forum: General Discussion.

Replies: From Resort to Refugee Camp: The Harsh Reality of War June 15, / Sara Owens A family surveys the damage to their house in Albu Ajeel, which was bombed by armed groups as they retreated from the area last year.

Fleeing war-torn homes for crippling rents—California housing costs creating harsh reality for refugees July 20, By Stephen Frank 1 Comment Refugees are finding out what we all know—California is for the rich and well placed.

Harsh Reality

Watch video · White nationalists on Fox News don’t endorse the idea of an ongoing race war against white people, I’ve seen the harsh reality addicts face as they battle for a second chance.

Star Trek: Discovery - The War Without, the War Within Season 1, Episode 14 Feb 4, Subscription Back on the U.S.S. Discovery, Burnham and the crew are faced with the harsh reality of the war. Fleeing war-torn homes for crippling rents—California housing costs creating harsh reality for refugees.

By Matt Levin | July 19, | CALIFORNIA DREAM, HOUSING, IMMIGRATION, POVERTY, The High Cost of Housing. Khisrow Jan has $ in the bank. Rent is $1,, and was due four days ago.

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