Mesopotamia essay questions

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Mesopotamia essay questions

More Essay Examples on Mesopotamia Rubric Ruling city-states changed throughout Mesopotamian history, depending on which cities were the strongest economically, socially and had strong religious centers.

Important Mesopotamian leaders include Sargon of Akkad, who conquered many cities. The Babylonian king Hammurabi, who created a code of laws designed to punish crimes, was another important leader in Mesopotamia.

Hammurabi was a Babylonian ruler who reigned from B. Hammurabi developed a system of laws of retaliation, punishing unaccepted behaviors with heavy fines and often a death penalty. The economy of Mesopotamia was driven by agriculture.

Once farming was only needed from a few citizens, others were able to break off into specializations.

Mesopotamia essay questions

Specializations included metallurgy and creating weapons and tools out of iron. Other specializations included textiles and shipbuilding. Ships were important to trade on the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Mesopotamians traded textiles, as well as silver and other metals.

Mesopotamia was a patriarchal society, meaning it was ruled by men, who had control over everything. Women had very small roles in society, though some were important, such as educated scribes. Men were also favored in society, receiving less punishment for equal crime.

Men could also sell their wives and children as slaves to pay off debts. The earliest Mesopotamians were polytheistic. They believed there were several gods, each with their own responsibilities.

When monotheism was introduced through Judaism there were several similarities. Both types of religion brought stories that taught lessons and often had stems from early Mesopotamian life.

Similar morals and lessons of god-fearing ways were taught to those who followed the religions. With the exception of the number of gods, the Mesopotamian pantheon and Judaism were very much alike. Mesopotamians began writing with pictures, and eventually developed cuneiform writing, which involved pictures and wedge-shapes.

This alphabet was much simpler than cuneiform, so more people than ever were able to be educated and become literate, because of this new alphabet.

The Hittites were the most important Indo-Europeans because they developed cuneiform, traded with Babylonians and Israelites and had a close relationship with Mesopotamia.

In the east in China, European people resided, due to the expansion.

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Other peoples moved west into Greece, where civilizations were established near the Mediterranean Sea. The Gilgamesh Epic 1. The flood story of the Gilgamesh Epic features a man who is foretold by one of the gods of a flood that will be coming.

The man is told to forget all possessions and build a large boat. He does as he is told in the creating the boat, so the man survives the torrential rain.

However, he did not forget greed; instead he brought his valuables with him onto the boat. Due to this, the gods did not let the flood recede.Short Answer and Essay Questions.

In what way is the tomb of Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun emblematic of civilization as discussed in this chapter? How does the tomb reflect the characteristics of a "civilization"?

What are the variables that Maisels feels are key in this process in Mesopotamia? Published: Tue, 25 Apr According to many prominent scholars and historians that study the civilizations that arose in the ancient Near East, exactly how and why the state of human society which we now call civilization began is not certain, but it is known exactly where and when it first occurred.

Questions on Mesopotamia Essay. Chapter 2: Early Societies in Southwest Asia and Indo-European Migration 1 - Questions on Mesopotamia Essay introduction.

In Mesopotamia, the most important geographic features were the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. The Strict Society of Mesopotamia Essay - The Strict Society of Mesopotamia The Mesopotamian people valued a strict, rules-oriented society.

without question, that because of Mesopotamia's extensive trade routes, its excellent leaders, and the astronomical growth in technology that occurred, that Mesopotamia was one of the . Many of these questions can be examined and answered by researching what many believe is the world’s earliest civilization, Mesopotamia.

It is widely believed that this region was chosen and supported one of the world’s first civilizations. Short Answer and Essay Questions.

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In what way is the tomb of Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun emblematic of civilization as discussed in this chapter? How does the tomb reflect the characteristics of a "civilization"? Archaeologist Charles Maisels characterizes the development of complex societies in Mesopotamia as being the result of a process.

Ancient Mesopotamia: This History, Our History