Naval officers of canada-centennial essay contest

Can somebody help me with the grammar or give me any advice how to write it? Discuss what the Navy's Core Values Honor, Courage, Commitment mean to you and how you think they will apply to you as an officer in the U. I have been in the U. S Navy for about one year now.

Naval officers of canada-centennial essay contest

At the level of individual vessels, the racial demographics of crews reflected a more complex array of variables, including the type of vessel, its tactical mission within a larger unit of operations, and the personality of the captain, his officers, and the ship's company. The broader cultural biases that associated persons of African descent with menial labor and personal service also influenced these demographic patterns.

The disproportionate presence of black sailors on supply ships illustrates this point.

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Between 67 and percent of the enlisted men serving in Charles Phelps, Fearnot, J. Kuhn, Albemarle, Arletta, and Ben Morgan were black.

Often accepted into service on a supposition of inferiority, stigmatized as "contrabands," and rated and paid at the lowest levels of the rating and pay scales, these men often could not escape the stereotypes cast upon them no matter how creditably they performed their assigned duties.

In, but not necessarily of, the crews with which they served, the contrabands performed the manual labor necessary to keep a steam vessel functioning and the busywork that officers considered the foundation of good order and discipline on warships: Although black men routinely served on gun crews at general quarters, they stood a far greater chance of serving with small-arms crews, armed with swords, rifles, and pistols, for repelling boarders, and with damage control units, armed with water hoses for dousing fires and battle-axes for cutting away damaged spars and rigging.

Small-arms crews consisting of contrabands generally exercised separately from those consisting of white sailors.

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Such a pattern of association derived largely from the rating structure, but enlistment patterns and prewar associations also played a part. A surviving photograph of USS Miami illustrates. Around the time of the photograph, about one-quarter of the approximately one hundred enlisted men were of African descent, nearly all contrabands rated as boys and recently enlisted at Plymouth, North Carolina; a number shared the surnames of Etheridge, Johnson, White, and Wilson.

During the middle ofapproximately twenty-five of the roughly one hundred enlisted men were of African descent. Fifteen of the men were contrabands from Maryland who had recently been transferred from the army to the navy.

Whereas some officers and enlisted men viewed the plight of escaped slaves sympathetically, others scarcely disguised their contempt. Miller and Captain's Steward Thomas Lyons, demonstrate this range. In Junewhile on the Red River, both men reported the rescue of several hundred contrabands and the construction of a makeshift shelter for them on a coal barge.

In contrast, Miller simply noted: We dropped down the river and pulled a Shed down for the purpose of getting some boards to cover a coal Barge to keep the Niggers. Although hazing had deep roots in a wide range of work cultures, sailors practiced it with special gusto. At once a means whereby experienced men taught the green hands the ropes, hazing also served to reinforce principles of hierarchy among the crew: In an exaggerated application of regulations requiring the men to observe cleanly habits, the crew of USS Blackhawk, flagship of the Mississippi Squadron, subjected contrabands to a ritual cleansing, stripping away their filthy clothing and showering them with the ship's fire hoses.

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Following such a shower in Decembera man named Robert Scott contracted pneumonia and died on January 2. The Maryland men transferred from the army to the navy during the spring of provide a case in point.

Although a number of the nearly eight hundred men had had experience working small boats on Chesapeake Bay, what defined them most as a group was their slave past.

When navy officials assigned several hundred of the men to the Pacific Squadron, white sailors offered the newcomers a chilly welcome.

In a postwar memoir, Edward W. Hammond, the white boatswain of USS St. Mary, recalled the "intense race hatred" that a particularly belligerent segment of the ship's company displayed toward the "contrabands.

The flying missiles threatened the peace and safety of the entire crew.officers, members of the committee and subcommittees for the competitions, departmental heads, officials and prize winners.

Maj-Gen Kyaw Win delivered an address and presented first, second and third prizes for long poem (grade I and II) and short poem (grade I and II) contests to the winners.

The George S. & Stella M. Knight Essay Contest The George and Stella Knight Essay Contest encourages patriotism in young people and ascertain their ideas and ideals of the present. The contest is now open to all high school freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

In this episode of the PROCEEDINGS Podcast, Bill and Ward talk to Lt(j.g.) Daniel Stefanus, USN, a surface warfare officer who's won several USNI essay contests in recent years, on his techniques for writing about issues facing the Navy and leadership in the fleet in general.

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History of the Contest: In the Mine Warfare Association leadership approached the U.S. Naval Institute with the idea of sponsoring an essay contest exploring the subject of mine warfare.

Naval officers of canada-centennial essay contest

Read text version. winners were announced of the History Essay Contest sponsored by the Sir John Johnson Centennial Branch for the students of Massey Vanier High School. to our members Ruby Moore and Flora Rhicard and her late husband Clifford Rhicard who recently received Parks Canada.

The Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) has announced the CNO Naval History Essay Contest and is calling for submission of papers by 30 June The CNO directed a Naval History Essay Contest be developed to further our understanding of how lessons from history inform our way ahead.

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