Omega speedmaster triple date ebay

Watch Facts 53 Comments Invicta Watches have a very interesting brand history. The company origin is still a mystery for many people. As well as the origin of product components and the brand name itself.

Omega speedmaster triple date ebay

Speedy Tuesday During the week, we get a lot of questions by e-mail about buying an Omega Speedmaster.

1960's Omega Seamaster

If you are already a Speedmaster collector, this might not be interesting to you, as I will cover some basic information as well. Part 1 discussed the Omega Speedmaster collection briefly and can be found here. Buying a new Speedmaster watch Sourcing a new Omega Speedmaster is not that difficult.

You can either go to an Omega boutique, Tourbillon Boutique Swatch Group conceptan authorized dealer or find your way to a non-authorized dealer. One of the frequently asked questions we receive is the difference between an official sales channel such as an Omega boutique or authorized Omega dealer and a non-authorized dealer.

In the section below I will explain the difference: This means that they receive their watches directly from the Omega manufacture or the official Omega subsidiary for your country. Only these locations can provide after sales service and help you with warranty related cases.

The Omega boutiques and Tourbillon Boutiques will use the official list price with regards to selling watches.

An authorized dealer might be willing to give you a discount on a watch, depending on the model or whether you are a returning customer and so on. However, an authorized dealer can also use the official retail price and give you a small discount by giving you an extra accessory, book, winder etc.

It is up to them and the official policy they have to preserve. Some authorized dealers add value by inviting you to watch events they host or hosted by Omega. You can ask about these type of things when you are buying a Speedmaster at these official sales channels.

An overview of official dealers and boutiques can be found here. These sellers are often also referred to as grey market dealers.

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This means that these watches are perfectly authentic, but sold through a non-authorized channel. These watches end-up as grey market watches for different reasons. You will surely be able to get an interesting discount on a new Speedmaster through a grey market dealer, but also realize that it might become difficult to claim warranty in case of malfunction.

In the end, if you want to buy a new Omega Speedmaster Professionalit is up to you which channel you prefer. In any case, always make sure your warranty card matches your watch both the reference number or PIC number as Omega calls it and the serial number of the watch are mentioned on the card.

The serial number is engraved in the lower left lug of the Speedmaster Professional watch. Pre-owned and Vintage Speedmasters That was the easy part.

The search and struggle mainly begins when you are buying a pre-owned or vintage Speedmaster watch. The problem is mainly, that if you have to search for that one specific Speedmaster, you will probably have to pay too much.

The best deals are the ones that are being offered to you by coincidence. I also think the times are over, that you will find one cheap at a pawn shop, garage sale or antique market.

The internet has done its job, the market is very transparent. Everyone can do a quick look-up on Chrono24 or other source to compare or request the market value of a particular Speedmaster.

Omega speedmaster triple date ebay

So, where would you be able to find a nice pre-owned or vintage Speedmaster? I have yet to see a shop that is solely specialized in Speedmaster watches, but a number of them out there have a strong focus on Omega. The good thing about them is that they have a shop, where you can see and try the watch.

Especially important when buying a vintage Speedmaster.Buy Omega on eBay now! Find Omega for sale. Ladies Omega - $1, Omega Speedmaster Date Chronograph At Men's Wrist Watch Used From Japan. Omega Constellation - $1, Nutrigold Triple Strength Fish Oil Omega-3 Gold Softgels.

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Omega Speedmaster Day-Date c in Detail

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GENUINE OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch BLACK NASA STRAP 20MM - BRAND NEW in Jewellery & Watches, Watches, Parts & Accessories, Watch Bands | eBay! Rolex Day-Date President Matte Black Diamond 5/5(1). The Speedmaster Mark Series consists of four distinct different "Marks" that in some cases (pardon the pun) spawned their own offshoots.

Men's Omega Speedmaster Automatic Model: Tells the time in traditional 12 hour format as well as 24 hour on a separate sub-dial at 9 o' clock, tell you the day, date and month.

Case and band are made from stainless steel.

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