Putting my friends and my boyfriend in danger

Please stop posting pictures of my child on Facebook March 29, by Erika Elmuts Comments I need to figure out how to keep other people from posting pictures of my little girl on their Facebook pages. Why is that NOT a consideration? Nor do I want someone else to make that choice for mine.

Putting my friends and my boyfriend in danger

I've suggested an edit to format your numbered points and make it much easier to understand what you're trying to say, I hope you don't mind.

IPS operates differently to other StackExchange sites, so I suggest you take the tour and visit the help center to learn more about it. Everything has costs and benefits, and people while not perfect Homo Economicusoften if not always choose to do what gives them the most "win" benefit-cost.

Putting my friends and my boyfriend in danger

The tricky part her is those two are not universal, and each person has different costs and benefits figured out using their own personal utility function - often, not even consciously. Thus, the generic answer is: The problem is that, even within the confines of your specific and great question, the specific answer will be "it depends".

Let's look at both situations. Actual personal hygiene - teeth. Unless your bf is somehow deeply special, there's no big explicit cost to brushing teeth as usual with IPS, you should ask, not assume - maybe he's one of the pretty rare people with a gum problem that makes brushing teeth extra painful.

But let's assume he's normal. The main cost is to remember doing so. So, the problem in this specific case is with the utility function - he simply doesn't assign nearly a high enough value to brushed teeth.

The way to approach this is communication - other answers generally addressed the exact communication ways to do so in detail - you can explain the benefits of clean teeth to you makes it pleasant to kissor disadvantages to unbrushed teeth makes it gross to kiss; plus long term will cost tons of dental spending if you two are serious enough to worry about common finances.

Frankly, if he's being obstinate, considering low cost to him, I would actually go for a Trade War yay! Modern topic reference on IPS! Tell him you won't kiss him anymore unless his teeth are clean, since it grosses you out. If he asks why you never told him before, honestly explain that you were unwilling to start a confrontation since you like him so much.

I know very few males who would willingly accept a trade of less tooth brushing at the cost of less kissing. This approach applies to nearly all items of true personal hygiene like this, that are generally low-cost to the person taking showers, wearing smelly unlaundried clothes, brushing hair minimally.

Also, hopefully it doesn't need to be said, but be sure that you communicate gently and not stick your foot in your mouth. Maybe he brushes often but has a gum disease or some other reason he has bad breath that is largely outside his control.

Not the most likely explanation, but worth discussing gently before going into "brush more" mode. Superficial looks - old clothes.

OK, this one is definitely a different situation, with different approaches. Here, the problem is that this is truly two wholly different subjective utility functions. To him, the value of being dressed up is minimal. To you based on "2 hours to get ready" it's a big value.

As such, even if the cost to both of you is about the same at least order of magnitudeyou evaluate it as "must, so worth it" and he "meh, not even remotely worth it". The problem here is that, unlike situation 1, where the cost is objectively minimal, AND utility function - when properly explained - is reasonably objective - here utility function is truly, honestly subjective.I slapped my boyfriend.

But then he hit me back and I have a bruise now. I hit my boyfriend and he hit me back? stellarina_ 2 Xper. Relationships. Facebook. Twitter. By slapping a boyfriend, she's really putting herself in danger. Some of us won't hit you back but there are men out there like the asker's girlfriend that will and don.

Letters like these come in to our “Ask the Therapist” column every week: “My boyfriend freaks out if I go out with my friends for an evening — even though he hangs out with his friends. My boyfriend comes across as very selfish, e.g. Friday night he told me he was going to see me then ended up round his brothers new flat for some beers and went out for dinner with him then drove home, leaving me just sat on my own.

» Murdered by my boyfriend -BBC3.

May 24,  · Update: My husband is a very hard working man, he's a good husband, and a great father. I would never put him through the hell of not having his daughter with him, whats been happening isn't his fault, and we're moving in two months anyway, I just need advice on the mother in law till then!!Status: Resolved. Nice God phrases for my boyfriend. When you wish to send all the love to the person that you love so much, just wish many blessings to your loved one, or just say thanks to the Lord for putting . Can I prevent my wife from having her boyfriend around my children while we are still married? She decided to she wants to separate and has moved out and into another man’s house before we have agreed to divorce or even signed any legal separation documents. Do I have a right to refuse to allow my.

The good, bad and (sometimes) ugly. I feel the former is overlooked in favour of putting the onus on the victims themselves. (to get away from him) from friends in the end thank God, or I might not be typing this now. I do now have a finely tuned radar for suppressed aggression or manipulation, and I.

My boyfriend is selling his old car and buying another car that he's paying cash for. His ex has a car that's still in his name, that she isn't supposed to be driving because of a suspended license.

Putting my friends and my boyfriend in danger

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