Serial killers encoded at birth or

Other Psychopathies "The tragic role played by hereditary hemophilia among European royalty is well known. Responsible people in countries where the system of monarchy still survives are anxious not to allow a carrier of such a gene to become queen. Any society exercising so much concern over individuals with blood-coagulation insufficiency or other serious and life-threatening pathology would protest if a man afflicted with such a condition were appointed to a high office bearing responsibility for many people. This behavior model should be extended to many pathologies, including inherited psychological anomalies.

Serial killers encoded at birth or

How to Write a Summary of an Article? In class we also looked at the ways nature and nurture effected how Colin Jackson and found that it was a combination of the two arguments. I believe that it may be similarly a combination of both sides of the argument that lead a person to becoming a serial killer.

This would suggest that Identical twins would have the exact same levels of intelligence, personality and aggression. It also suggests that identical twins Serial killers encoded at birth or both have the same sexual orientation but as we saw in a psychology lesson there were two identical twins where one showed very masculine traits for a male such as playing with toy guns and cars and the other showed very feminine traits like playing with barbies even though they were identical twins which suggests that not everything can be only down to your genetic makeup.

The nurture argument is that even though they do believe genetic tendencies exist they do not actually matter in terms of a persons personality etc.

This is because they believe that behavioural aspects originate from environmental aspects such as a persons upbringing. Studies done on this have been supportive as they have found cases where identical twins were separated at birth and grew up in different environments and developed very different personalities, intelligence and aggression.

The opposite end of this argument would suggest that Fraternal Twins would act in exactly the same way and have exactly the same attributes as they will have both been raised in exactly the same environment under the same conditions.

Serial killers encoded at birth or

In this piece I aim to discuss whether a serial killer becomes a serial killer due to Nature or Nurture or due to a combination of the two. This killer is a true sociopath and lives by his own personal set of rules and guidelines.

Many of the famous serial killers we have seen in history would fall under his type of serial killer. Visionary This type of serial killer is compelled by voices or visions they experience and are considered psychotic.

These voices and visions compel them to kill certain kinds of people. This type of serial killer is not considered psychotic. Hedonistic This type of serial killer makes a strong connection between personal violence and sexual gratification.

The Relationship Between Serial Killers and Childhood Abuse

This killer receives pleasure from the act and has eroticized the experience. They generally take the time to torture or mutilate their victims.

I found this whilst I was doing some research about the serial killers that I have chosen and have tried to use reports of serial killers from a range of these 4 classifications of serial killers in order to make a wider and better rounded summation. This would then have been disrupted when he was told that it was all a lie and that the woman he thought was his sister was actually his mother.

This may have caused Ted Bundy to change his cognition about how lying is acceptable within society as he has been lied to throughout his whole life.

This may have led to him being unable to form secure attachments with anybody again and it was later reported that he became a petty thief which may have been a direct consequence of him being lied to about his parents.

It was reported that soon after this he began to develop psychopathic tendencies and changed from being a shy person to someone that was very driven and dominant. This is a suggestion that Ted felt he had been betrayed by his family and those around him leading him to have a warped perception of loving which may have influenced the way that he acted.

Serial killers encoded at birth or

The murders he committed at the sorority house in Florida he used a piece of wood he had found right outside the house. After being hit over the head the victims were strangled as they were raped by Bundy.

Teddy also had the peculiar fetish of necrophilia, returning sometimes weeks after dumping a body to have sex with it over and over again. For example when his parents lied to him for large periods of his life it may have led him into believing that it was acceptable for you to lie to people in order to benefit him which is exactly what he was doing when leading women back to his car before beating them.

The fact that Bundy also returned to have sex with his victims bodies after weeks after dumping the body means that he was in control of his actions and reinforces the fact the there was no nature argument towards him being that way.

However I am unsure what in his upbringing would have led him to act in this way as there were never any reports of any sexual abuse towards him that would have led him to maybe finding it to be acceptable.

This happened whilst he was in university which may have led him to believe that it was down to him in order to kill university girls as he felt they were evil.The Worthless Treasure Twist trope as used in popular culture.

A type of Plot Twist in which people spend a great deal of effort to find what they've been . In Natural Born Killers, the cop played by Tom Sizemore strangles a young prostitute to death to show that he's no better than the main antiheroes.; Subverted by John Carpenter's Vampires, in which the Big Bad feeds on a disposable sex worker, but doesn't finish her off, and she becomes the heroes' main connection to tracking him down.

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