Shakespeare relevance today

A name recognised by almost every human being. To me, I see him as a normal human being that came up with a few plays and somehow became famous. Although this play actually falls under the genre of tragedy, the theme of love is important in showing the audience the full meaning of the play. Some examples of these words are bedroom, hint, swag, uncomfortable and assassination.

Shakespeare relevance today

Is Shakespeare Still Relevant Today? | Salem Junior High School (SaJHS)

I could really use some help. But I tried narrating the plays to students in the form of stories. It was a little step.

It bothers me to have to read such writing. He was indeed a genius!

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Over and over again, his stories have been retold for this generation and the last. He is one of the greatest writers of all time. The problem is the way he wrote is impossible to understand for most people. The time that it takes for a high school class to read, translate, reread and understand what he was writing would be much better spent reading the works of more modern writers.

Most of his works have lost their meaning. Yes, yes, yes he wrote wonderful plays and yes some of the themes are relevant today. And does everyone really need to like something to make it relevant?

I love history but that does not necessary help me with my food shopping does it? Have I learned plenty of things from Shakespeare? Yes, particularly how to be critical and read between the lines. As an English teacher, I have covered a wide variety of his texts, some I love, some I hate- but I still find them relevant.

Only a few months ago, my students found the connection between Romeo and Juliet and teen suicide.

Shakespeare relevance today

It brought up some interest social welfare issues that probably would not have been covered had it not been for Shakespeare. If only people could see that rather than immediately dismissing his old english as indecipherable and not even attempting to see the beauty expressed in his words.

I personally believe that he is still relevant. He wrote about love, hate, ambition and so much more. People are still facing the difficulties of love, being pressured into things, etc.

Some people are just blind to how Shakespeare has exposed all of this. His plays explore many things that we experience to this day such as jealousy, greed, revenge, etc.

Shakespeare relevance today

Teenagers like reading books that are actually interesting not boring like this book. Yes, Shakespeare is a great author but most people i know think that he is not relevant in the 21st centuries.Nov 16,  · William Shakespeare. A name recognised by almost every human being. To me, I see him as a normal human being that came up with a few plays and somehow became famous.

But somehow, even after long years, he and his plays are still relevant to today’s society, how this happened, I did some research. Shakespeare Relevance Today?English Discussion on Shakespeare „What point is there in studying a dramatist who lived years ago?

Is William Shakespeare still relevant to modern society? | Shakespeare blog yr9

” Shakespeare is a British dramatist, lyric poet and actor who lived from Free Essay: William Shakespeare's Relevance Today For as long as formal education has existed in Britain it has been a largely standard assumption that.

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Tricia Castañeda-Gonzales ’09 Theatre arts Actor and teaching artist, Kaiser Permanente’s. Nov 16,  · One of the reasons as to why Shakespeare is somehow relevant to today’s society is that most of Shakespeare’s plays include timeless themes such as friendship, love and vengeance.

In the play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ we can see just how much the theme of love played (a huge part) in the famous play.

Shakespeare writes about issues that are still relevant today Shakespeare writes about issues that are still relevant today because his themes are universal, his plays have been updated and remade and there are various schools of thought who argue about his plays.

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