Stamping ground

Detail of Californian stamp showing offset cam and rotating lifter Interior of the Deadwood Terra Gold Stamp Mill A stamp mill consists of a set of heavy steel iron -shod wood in some cases stamps, loosely held vertically in a frame, in which the stamps can slide up and down.

Stamping ground

Definitely a kid-friendly project that the whole family can do together. Next, stir in 4 cups of birdseed. You will need plastic Easter eggs for this step.

Scoop the mixture into both sides of the plastic egg…a little excess is actually good because you will close the egg up and you want it tightly filled. Excess will squeeze out the sides and you will just wipe it off.

Stamping ground

Make sure you close the egg completely so that you make sure the top and bottom half are firmly packed together.

I suggest opening the smaller, bottom end of the egg. You have to do this gingerly and carefully so as not to pull the 2 halves apart. But hopefully the one end will come out smoothly. You may have to gently pat a little at the seam to help maintain the shape.

Keeping the mixture both in the mold and upright allowed for support and gravity to help keep its shape…. You will let them dry like this for a couple of hours….

To hang these, I suggest using bright spring colored raffia or yarn to make them festive when you hang them. While one person is holding the egg the other will lay the knot on the center of the base of the egg and spread the raffia out like an X.

So there you have it…a fun and relatively easy activity that you can do with or without your kiddos THIS weekend!


Or it could be a fun after school activity this next week…. What a cute Easter decoration to draw the birds to your yard.

Have fun with this! More from my site.Also, old stamping ground.A habitual or favorite haunt, as in Whenever we visit, we go back to our old stamping ground, the drugstore nearest the high term alludes to a traditional gathering place for horses or cattle, which stamp down the ground with their hooves.

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