The chrysanthemums research paper

Steinbeck was an immensely popular writer, but critics and scholars were not similarly enthused.

The chrysanthemums research paper

The chrysanthemums research paper

Posted on April 9,2: I say that without any grain of approval or disapproval- it is just the way things happen The chrysanthemums research paper our world. There is an opinion that women and men are not socially equal, as men usually work and earn money, and women take care of the house and children, but it is unfair to think so.

The equality of two sexes is not in what people do, but in how they feel in doing what they choose to do.

Chrysanthemums essay

They are not trying to understand themselves and to find their own identities, but just to do what the society does not expect them to do. She is isolated from the whole world in her house, where she lives with her husband Henry and dogs, and isolated from her true feelings.

There is an impression that she understands that something is wrong with her life, but she is simply unable to identify the source of her dissatisfaction. She is very energetic, and is ready for more that remote life and working in the garden.

However, gardening was the thing she really enjoyed, and the thing that brought her inspiration. Her real passion was chrysanthemums. The meaning and symbolism of chrysanthemums varies from country to country- in some they symbolize death and lamentation, in others are symbol of honesty.

But I think that for Elisa, chrysanthemums were the thing to care, like about children, which she never had. She loves and cares chrysanthemums; she protects them from the environment, as any good mother would protect her children from harmful outside influence.

Elisa is happy to have the possibility to nurture those flowers, and she is very proud when her husbands compliments her flowers, however he equally says that he hopes she had raised apples which would be as good as flowers.

She is just thirty-five years old and she needs more passion and romance in her life.

Critical Evaluation

She wants that her husband admired her more like a woman, and not just treated her warmly as the partner and friend. Chrysanthemums are the symbol of her femininity. But it is not solely her husband fault that he treats her like that, as she equally cannot tell him and point out what she wants their relationship look like.

And may be if she could tell him, everything would change. Elisa is thinking too much instead of trying to talk and to know what feels her husband in reality.

She is living in the illusion, wanting something and waiting for something she even cannot express. Although his hair and beard were graying, he did not look old.

At once she shows no interest in tinker and in the services he provides. They are talking about life and she rejects all the propositions to repair something. Tinker by showing interest to chrysanthemums figuratively showed interest to her, to her femininity and sexuality.

For tinker, it was the right marketing step to sell his services and get the pot, as being probably the good psychologist; he understood how to appeal to the women and how to make her change her mind.

Tinker gave Elisa what she needed- admiration with her passion.

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It was the key to her soul. It was very important to Elisa to know that someone also may be interested in her passion for gardening, and therefore she may be interesting to the world.

Tinker gave her the thought that she can do more in her life and play the greater role in society. And Elisa even became attracted to that man and his style of life and even seems that she is willing to leave everything- her house, and garden and husband and to change her way of life.

She would like to have the liberating life style and go from city to city mending things, but the big question is whether it would make her happier. But the fact is that the tinker profited from her emotionally instable state and earned 50 cents and a red pot.

Red pot with flowers seems to be symbolic as well, as Elisa shared the part of her sole with tinker, as she hoped that someone really needs her flowers and her. Elisa said to tinker that she could also do the same things as he did, by a sort of proposing herself, but she is being rejected with the phrase: You mean around chrysanthemums.

It simply meant that as soon as he received his 50 cents and the pot, he totally forgotten about the main issue that was important to Elisa- chrysanthemums. After the man on the truck leaves, Elisa feels herself an absolutely renewed kind of woman.Chrysanthemums Research paper - Free research paper samples, guides, articles.

Writing research paper All about making the best job. Take A+. Businesss Research Papers (20, ) Humanities Essays (12, ) Literature Research Papers (33, ) History Term Papers (14, ) The chrysanthemums in this story and other symbols showed us plenty about Elisa's struggle to find her own identity as a woman.

This frustration is evident when Elisa is first introduced in this story/5(12). Research Papers words (2 pages) Odour of Chrysanthemums as a Classic Essay - Odour of Chrysanthemums as a Classic The claim that "Odour of Chrysanthemums" is a well-crafted story is hardly brave or risky, for many would agree.

The chrysanthemums research paper

Free chrysanthemums papers, essays, and research papers. Elisa of The Chrysanthemums - “Why-why Elisa. You look strong enough to break a calf over your knee, happy enough to eat it like a watermelon.” (Steinbeck ) Most people reading this would just pass it off as a tactless man’s attempt to compliment, but is that all it is.

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