Travers beynon business plan

You're the mother of my children,' and all these sweet things. He had already asked my dad. He's very romantic when he wants to be.

Travers beynon business plan

Now, for the first time, he's allowed a journalist and photographer to spend a day inside the mansion he calls home. Ocean Road magazine, based on the Gold Coast, has been given a fascinating insight into the lives of Travers, his wife, his girlfriend and his four children; Valentino, 18, Luciana, 15, Velicia 6 and Serafina 5.

From having four girls in his bed most nights, to whether he's fit to be a dad, Travers discussed it all. My parents both worked hard, they had an amazing work ethic, my mother was a fulltime mum and she worked hard, often until 3am.

travers beynon business plan

She was a strong woman, she was the strongest example in my life, I have huge admiration for her. My grandmother was another strong woman; she was nicknamed 'The General'! I was taught to appreciate all that you have and work hard for what you want.

It was important to me to raise my own children the same way, they don't expect things to be handed to them. But some modelling agencies had been trying to woo me, a model scout from the USA discovered me in Sydney and shortly after I signed with Elite Model Management in Miami Beach, Florida, so when I couldn't play anymore, I packed my bags and left home and that's what I turned to.

My friends back home in Melbourne were laughing their heads off - until they saw I was making a success of it. Every cheque I got, I took the minimum of what I needed for rent and to live on and sent the rest home to my parents to help with some capital expenses and buying stock of their new business.

There's a perception out there that they created a business and gave it to me - it's not true. You can have cars and money and all those things, but that excitement only lasts for so long. We're all happy here.


When you've got one girl, that's one thing. When there's multiple, there's so much going on in my mind. I often don't get much sleep.

What I'm like in business, life or sport, I'm like that in bed.

travers beynon business plan

They love my imagination and my creativity. You need that when you've got multiple girls. Bedroom time isn't for me; it's to stimulate the girls. To be good in bed it's not about you. Next time he took me to dinner. Sometimes they only live here for a few weeks and then move on. Look at social media, you'll see so many girls throwing themselves at him.

I don't mind - I'm married to him! He has many girlfriends but only one wife. I love being a mum. We're out by the pool until the sun comes up, those are the best nights!

Candyman Travers Beynon beds four women a night at Gold Coast Candyshop mansion | Daily Mail Online

Let me say this, a judge doesn't give custody to a father who is not fit. Now, my children love me to death. Say what you want about me, but when your teenage daughter thinks you're a cool dad and people comment that your kids are the best-mannered kids they've ever met - that makes me so proud.

We were out until 5am. We were the last ones dancing in the club. He was always tough on manners and respect. I want two children, I've already chosen their names. I want to have a child when I'm 26 - I have my whole life planned out!

In my modelling days I was known as 'The Hunter'.

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It wasn't necessarily about girls. My friends said I would get this look in my eyes like, 'I've got to have that', and I'd get it. I was like a lion; nothing was going to stand in my way.Watch video · Travers Beynon has offered a revealing glimpse into his 'Candyman' persona Behind the lavish $, parties he runs a business worth $million The family man and father-of-four has a wife and.

· GOLD COAST millionaire Travers “Candyman” Beynon is known for his lavish parties and for being constantly surrounded by beautiful, naked women. Now, for the first time, he’s allowed a Tony Toutouni is quite a rich man from Iran but his family left the country in after the Islamic revolution.

Tony tried his luck in business,  · Draft History - Discussion in 'North Melbourne Kangaroos' started by hamstringinjury, Oct 9, (Draft choice 53 traded by Brisbane for Travers Martin-Beynon) Stephen Pears Perth WAFL 0 He provided the discipline needed to implement a game plan suited to maximising the talents of the greatest player of all Branding.

Girls get ‘Free Choice’ tattoos on their bums for Candyman Travers Candyman playboy Travers Beynon and wife reveal they want another baby boy to add to their brood and NOW!

He just said hello and was very business like. The couple have two daughters.

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