Under 16 banned from fashion modeling

The move to allow only models aged 16 or older to participate in one of the fashion industry's most prestigious events comes on the heels of a report issued by Model Health Inquiry. The inquiry was set up by the British Fashion Council, which organizes London Fashion week, amid an international debate about models who appear to be unhealthily skinny. All died in the past year. Models participating in next year's London Fashion Week, an event that features dozens of international designers, will also have to provide a medical certificate from an eating disorder specialist attesting to their good health.

Under 16 banned from fashion modeling

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Under 16 banned from fashion modeling

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Additionally, the lack of updates has made this site pretty much useless we are not playing favorites, either.Girls under the age of 16 will be banned from catwalks and photoshoots under new fashion industry rules drawn up to defuse the controversy over ultra-thin models.

Under 16 Banned from Fashion Modeling Essay I'm here to ask you one question, “Do you think that girls under 16 should be banned from fashion modeling?” In some countries the ban has already taken place because of the many health concerns related, I think the ban, in many ways, appropriate.

Yahoo Lifestyle is your source for style, beauty, and wellness, including health, inspiring stories, and the latest fashion trends. I'm here to ask you one question, “Do you think that girls under 16 should be banned from fashion modeling?” In some countries the ban has already taken place because of the many health concerns related, I think the ban, in many ways, appropriate.

Jul 19,  · by BEN FARMER Girls under the age of 16 are set to be banned from the catwalk following the furore over stick-thin models.

The proposed ban follows a probe into the health of models amid growing concerns the trend for an ultra-slim physique is harming the girls and those who idolise them.

Jul 11,  · - Girls aged under 16 should be banned from catwalk modeling to protect them from eating disorders and sexual exploitation, a panel of fashion and health experts in .

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